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for Beginners

The basic computer classes meet every Thursday between 0930 and 1600 during school term times with each lesson being one hour

Tuition is provided on a "one to one" basis with the speed of learning being dependant on the student’s own ability

Thursdays 0930 to 1600 starting on 19th May 2022

Bookable appointments with an advisor to help you with all your computer needs.

Pick ‘n’ Mix from any of the following

* Connecting to the internet

* Sending and receiving E-mails

* Using Skype and Facebook, WhatsApp etc

* Using Microsoft products

* Using the Internet to do your shopping

* Anything not listed but you would like some help with

We have computers for you to use or you can bring your own laptop/ tablet/ I pad

Sessions cost 3 each and can be booked on 02392 266423