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Family History

The Family History group meets every Friday morning from 0930 until 1130

No experience is required, only a wish to explore your family tree is needed

It is open to all who want to find out about their ancestors lives and times.

We are a self help group. No formal training is given but guidance from volunteers with many years of Family History research experience, and some resources, including use of computers, scanner, printer / copier and the Internet are provided

Because it is not wise to load or store personal information on open access computers it is advisable for you to provide a USB memory stick [also called Pen or Flash Drive]

If you have your own laptop bring it along and use our Wi -Fi for your research

Because we use computers and the internet, basic skills in these are a requirement, no need to be an expert though

If you require these basic skills before you start, then Age Concern at Borrow Centre, Cowplain run courses covering this. For details see here

If you are interested in pursuing your Family History please call on 023 9226 6423

Our Family History web site is here